Why to choose Samsung Galaxy Note 7 over iPhone 7 ?

Samsung is all geared up to launch its new android smartphone this august. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be a big release of the year is likely to compete to be one of the best smartphone in the market.

If you are an iPhone lover then Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is probably going to give you plenty of reasons to switch your taste and choose Samsung over Apple.

note 7 vs iphone 7

Here are some killer reasons that are definitely going to demolish your want for iPhone 7 and incline you towards the magnificent Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

  • The Samsung is likely to back this phone with a 823 Snapdragon processor that is going to run on marshmallow and is going to make this phone more fast and efficient. This is definitely ahead of the A10 processor that iPhone is offering.
  • The Note 7 is going to come up with an IP68 water and dust resistance which makes this phone water proof , something that iPhone is not speculated to have.
  • The Samsung galaxy Note6 is expected to have a 5.8 inches screen size whereas iPhone 7 is rumored to stick with the 5.5 inches.
  • Samsung is rumored to put a 6GB RAM into the new Note 7 whereas iPhone 7 have a 3GB RAM which is much less than Note 7.
  • Samsung is planning to outthink Apple interms of security. They are probably going to incorporate an Iris Scanner in the phone. This feature is one step ahead than the Fingerprint scanner that iPhone offers.
  • Note 7 is probably going to have a 4k display which puts it way ahead of Apple which doesn’t even have a QHD display.
  • The much loved feature of Galaxy Note 7 Is going to be a micro SD extendable storage which allows you to increase your storage memory. Now this is something that Apple can never compete upon.
  • The Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to start with a base storage of 64 GB whereas iPhone 7 will star at a base storage of 16 GB.
  • Talking about the battery the Samsung galaxy Note 7 is rumored to have a 4100 mAh battery whereas iPhone is believed to receive 3100 Ah which is about 1000 less than Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  • The Samsung is expected to make a shift to USB-C from Galaxy Note 7.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is supposedly going to come up with a wireless charger which is common with Samsung phones now whereas nothing as such is going to happen with Apple.

galaxy note 7 vs iphone 7

With all these features Samsung is likely to outshine Apple and gather massive sales this year.


Overview : {LATEST} Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The new release by Samsung ,which is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be one of the best android smartphone that is to be launched this year .The  Samsung Note series have always managed to raise eyeballs and this 7th edition is no less.


  • After Note 5 Samsung is directly releasing Note 7 skipping the 6th edition in the series.
  • The phone is supposedly being launched in August 2016 and this is what you can expect out of it.
  • The different feature that is expected to be incorporated in this smartphone is that it will be released with 823 Snapdragon chipset which will function at a maximum speed of 3GH.
  • Though there is not much difference in the screen size. It is going to be 5.7 inch QHD display with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels.

  • Talking about the camera, the camera in the back is going to drop in megapixels from 16 to 12  whereas in front it is going to be 5MP dual lens camera.
  • The IP68 water resistance feature will help your phone survive even if it drops in water and will save you from skipping a beat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 RAM and Battery :

This phone is expected to be powered with 6GB RAM that sound pretty huge. Also one of the problem with Samsung phones have been their battery life but with 4600mAh battery the Note7 is expected to combat this problem . Other standard stuff like fast charging and fast wireless charger can also be expected  to be on board.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Storage :

The other thing you can surely expect is a redesigned stylus pen and three internal storage versions 64GB , 128GB , 256GB.  The Samsung may introduce a micro SD card slot in Galaxy Note 7 to further expand the memory of the device.

There are speculations that Samsung is likely to come up with two versions of the phone the Flat version and the Edge version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Security Features :

The feature that is gaining a lot of attention is the IRIS Scanner that Note 7 is probably going to have .The IRIS based biometric technology is said to be more secure as other security features can be tricked using fake expression. It is really cool as it is fast and easy. It looks as if the phone is scanning your face but it is actually focusing on your eyes. If Samsung manages to incorporate this feature in  Galaxy Note 7 then Samsung is definitely going to set some very high bench marks in the android smartphone business.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Colors :

The phone is expected to come up with 3 color options to choose from which are supposedly going to be Black, Silver and Dark Blue.

Conclusion :

Galaxy Note 7 is going to be the beast of the phone from Samsung packed with all the desired features and advanced technology to impress a whole lot of people .  So if you are planning to loosen you pockets to invest into a smartphone then waiting for this magnificent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is definitely a wise decision.


Galaxy Note 6 Concept Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specifications

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the market, who has been successful in conquering the whole market with its amazing collection of smart phones. The company is continuously producing a range of phones, out of which the upcoming phone in the market in 2016 is going to be Samsung Galaxy note 7. In the smart phone industry with every passing day or month, a new phone is launched into the market which is coupled with some of the best technology which has made using phone for customers one of the best things to do. With different companies existing in the market, Samsung has been successful in giving them a tough competition.

Galaxy Note 6 Specification

About Samsung Note

The Samsung Note does not needs any introduction and has been one of the most popular series of the company. As per a report of 2013, Samsung was able to sell more than 50 million of note gadgets in the recent years in comparison to other models or handsets by the company. This smart phone has been viewed as one of the phones which are economical in comparison to the features it provides to its customers. Moreover the vast and extra-large screen is on the best features which make it different from all other devices in the market.


Galaxy Note 6 Design

Recently company did not experienced a good time at the launch of Samsung Note 5, to which it now seems probable that company is surely going to come up with something big.

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  1. It is expected the moving picture option would be available in the upcoming device. This feature is already a part of iPhone, which can be used while clicking a picture. All the user has to do is long press and video photo would be captured. Soon Facebook is also going to launch the option of this video photo profile picture.
  2. While Note 7 is expected to hit the market somewhere in August 2016, it is expected that it will be bunch of latest technology which shall have all high level of advancement incorporated within it.
  3. The RAM of the device would range between, 8 – 12 GB which is not less than the capacity of a laptop. So customers can just keep on using it without having to think much about its capacity to work and support high end applications.
  4. Display, it will supposedly be high definition 4k super AMOLED display. There are also chances that company on its own comes up with something more innovative and advanced for its customers.
  5. Camera: It is expected that the front facing camera would be 16 MP while the primary camera would be 30 MP, thus enabling users to click some of the best pictures.
  6. Charging with a blink, this might have given you an idea about the charging of phone. So it would be much quick charging, wherein approx. 40% of charging would be done within just 4 minutes.

Galaxy Note 6 Concept Design

Thus Samsung Note 7 features make it one of the best products in the market which must be considered while one is willing to purchase a good smart phone in the year 2016.


Galaxy Note 7 Release Date and Price

It seems Galaxy note will hit back to the market sometime in the year 2016 in UK.

This is going to happen after a year when customers will get the chance to use note and experience some of its best features. The galaxy note 7 will be released throughout the Europe, which would be a treat to the loyal Samsung fans and a replacement of the Samsung galaxy S6 Edge+ which was launched last year.galaxy-note-5

I am sure by now Samsung fans would be all excited to know more about the product and try some of its amazing features. But before heading to all the facts, it is important for the customers to get an idea on the release date and price of the product.

Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

Till date no official announcement of the product has been made, but it is expected to happen sometime in August 2016. Loyal customer base of Samsung might remember that Samsung S6 Edge was launched in August 2015, against which it is expected note 7 to hit same time in the market this year.
For individuals who are crazy about the Note series, would be happy to know about the new addition which will be made to the phablet and shall be circulated soon in UK. The response of customers towards Samsung Galaxy S6+ Edge was not too convincing resultantly, the company had to reconsider their decision or the product line to be brought up in 2016. And the resultant of such an adverse reaction by customer has probably been Samsung Galaxy Note 7.There are chances that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be announced in the market, and along with it Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge would also be unveiled. However, if we go by the trend Samsung has the tendency of announcing the product launch just a couple of days or week before. In this case, it is expected that disclose of launch of Samsung galaxy note 7 would also happen sometime before August.

Galaxy Note 7 Price

Similar to the release date of the product, price is also a mystery. The fact that the device is not going to have a curvy edge will keep the prices down, but on the contrary the larger size of device would again increase the price of product making it stand in the series of high product range. Considering the fact that Galaxy Note 5 was launched at the price of USD 700, while Galaxy S6+ Edge was available in the market at USD 750, there are chances that price of Samsung Galaxy note would range between USD 600 to 700.
The new device from Samsung is undoubtedly one of the most awaited devices, especially for Note lovers who have been craving for the new Note model. Well in such a scenario it would be interesting to watch out the reaction and response of customers in the market and find out if Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be able to compensate the failure of Samsung Galaxy S6+ and edge.


Galaxy Note 6 Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – A To Z News

Samsung has always been on the cusp of innovation when it comes to technology. It continues to surprise us every time it launches a new product. On the lines of smart phones, it definitely has us waiting for its next release every time. Samsung runs one of the most popular series of Android phones with the brand ‘Galaxy’. It has multiple ranges of products under the same name and one of those is galaxy smart phones. As the phones kept getting bigger, it introduced a new lineup of devices called the ‘Note’ series including Galaxy note, Galaxy note 2, Galaxy note 3, Galaxy note 4 , galaxy note 5 and the upcoming galaxy note 7. All the Note devices are phablets (size between phones and tablets) and have got a positioning in the market of their own.

The Note series of phones have always had our eyes long before they are released. This year, the highly anticipated Note 5 was released and it was well received by those awaiting it. Just like every year, things start buzzing up about the next big release. So here we are talking about Note 7. Samsung has again revealed nothing officially but we can predict what it will be like from the little information what we have on the device.The Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 The current version which is the Note 5 is an incredibly powerful phone. It has amazing features and specs to go with. Thus, Note 7 will be way more advanced than its predecessor. Samsung always likes to meet the expectations set upon it so this time too, it will try to prove that it is better than Apple. This battle will surely result in a good outcome regarding smart phones from both the ends.The release dates of all the devices are decided according to the release dates of other manufacturers. Samsung has its eyes on Apple every time and might consider launching the next phone in the Note series just before the new iPhone. Apple has a trend of releasing the iPhone in the month of September. So we can expect Samsung to release the Note 7 prior to that month or maybe in the same month. The first Note was launched in the month of October so the Note 7 has great possibilities of releasing around September 2016. The launch in all the countries happen in different dates and time so we can anticipate that it will be launched worldwide towards the end of next year.

Specifications for the Galaxy Note 7

This again is just projected specifications and nothing officially has been revealed by Samsung. But like most of the years, the rumors will mostly turn out to be true. So let’s see what brilliant specifications will the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 possess?

Starting with the Operating System, the device will be running on Android Marshmallow 6.0, the latest offering from Android. With the new OS, the performance of the device will be highly improved. It will be great for doing multi-tasking and will be powerful enough to handle your requirements.

Talking about the processor, it will most probably have the Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 2.9 GHz processor. This is one of the fastest processors in any smart phone and will definitely enhance the speed and performance of the device.

The battery will be one of the biggest advancements from the previous versions. It will have a battery of around 4500 mAh which is more than 50% better than the existing Note. So battery will not be a problem with the new Note 7, it can surely be used for a day’s work without running out of battery.

We live in a world of better smart phone cameras and it is one of the plus points of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It will have a 30 MP camera on its rear and a 7 MP front camera. The camera will also possess a dual flash and come with extra zooming capabilities. Samsung is also working on adding some brilliant in-built functionality to the camera so that it gives its users to click some beautiful snapshots.

The screen size of Note has always been an important factor and this time the Note 7 will have a huge 5.9″ screen. The huge display will surely be an advantage for better viewing and gaming experience. The Note range of devices has always gone a notch higher on the size of its display.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has some new-age cutting edge features that we all will need in the year to come. It comes with Wireless charging which we all know how important it is. This is a phablet so wireless charging is required. There will be some additional sensors in the new device including barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, thermometer and other various sensors as well. The new Note 7 will also feature two important scanners such as the fingerprint and the retina scanner. It takes the security level up when we lock our phone with our fingerprints or the retina. It has some brilliant fast charging capabilities and has the potential to charge up for more than 4 hours in just 5 minutes of charge.

It is also rumored that the Note 7 will feature the double screen technology just like we’ve seen in Linux based operating systems.

Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When it comes to price, Samsung has always kept it lower than its competitor Apple. For the pricing too, Samsung hasn’t released anything officially and we’re anticipating the pricing according to the specifications and the features. If you purchase the Galaxy Note 7 without a contract it will cost you around $600. However with contract from a telecom operator, the phone will cost you somewhere around $99-$200 depending upon where you take the contract from. Of course the price of the phone will increase with the amount of memory storage you choose to buy. This is an anticipatory price and surely there will be little ups and downs on the side of features, specifications and pricing.

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Rumors surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Whenever there is a new smartphone about to be released, a lot of rumors come up. Some are true and the others are just to hype up the buzz. Fake specs, features and design leaks do the rounds of internet long before a product which is in demand is launched. There are so many sources of information available that we find some pieces hard to believe. Of course they are not all true but some of them might turn out to be the exact interpretations of what the real ones will be. Even the looks of the phones get leaked online and there is no way to stop the Grapevine from spreading. Samsung is a brand that’s every new upcoming product is eagerly waited in the market and more the anticipation, more the number of rumors surrounding a launch. Almost all the phones from Samsung have their specs, features and images leaked online months before they get launched. The latest one to be a victim of rumors is the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Let’s see what rumors are cooking up this time around.

Design and structure of the phone

Almost the initial pictures of all the phones get leaked online and the same goes for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A lot of pictures were leaked months before the phone is speculated for release. The new design shows the phone getting a lot slimmer than its previous versions. The leaked pictures also reveal a completely new stylus with the note 7 which is expected to add some more functionality to it. The design looks quite classy and beautiful. We have to wait and watch if the rumors are true or just fake images doing the rounds of the internet.

USB Type-C port

Last year since Apple introduced the type-c USB port with its new Mac Book, all the smart devices which require a port have started to use the USB type-c p